CTA/Atlas-Jet forced to pay compensation

Initially reported on Tuesday, the judgement won by 669 people against CTA/Atlas Jet was a breaking story. There has now been a press briefing providing additional details to the claim.

This judgement was won and compensation ordered as the result of a class action in the UK Courts.
The £850,000 compensation awarded is now being sought from Atlas Jet as CTA no longer exists.

Goldsworth solicitors, who represented the plaintiffs in court said that the compensation had been
ordered to be paid by the 17th of November. Atlas Jet can still object to the judgement, but according to Goldsworth they have instead instructed their UK agents to stop the sale of all flight tickets. Goldsworth lawyers went on to say that they had been trying to get a negotiated solution for 25 months and had even met with the President, Prime Minister and London rep for North Cyprus but to no avail.

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