CTP calls on government to reverse its decision on church service

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) opposition party has stated that the UBP-DP minority government’s decision to not allow the annual service at Agios Mamas church in Güzelyurt demonstrated the government’s mentality.

The CTP said that using the excuse that there would be no security cover as Kurban Bayram coincided with the Greek Orthodox Name Day between 1-3 September, was unacceptable.

The services held in places of worship in the north are an indication of the Turkish Cypriots’ belief in multiculturalism and that they will alwasy live in peace.

The decision to refuse the service to be held at Agios Mamas, is the final example of arbitrarily obstructing this way of life, and is proof of the minority government’s mindset.

The rationale for not allowing the church service to take place is meaningless and can not be accepted. Proposing an alternative date to hold the service is incompatible with the dignity of the state.

These arbitrary practices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have harmed the settlement of the Cyprus Problem, as well as damaging the confidence building between the two communities at such a critical time.

This action was racist, the statement said. And in this context, we invite the government to reverse its decision as befits a credible state, without taking refuge behind Kurban Bayram, the statement concluded.

Yeni Duzen

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