CTP refuses to bow to DP pressure

Last night the surprise news emerged that the CTP and DP parties had walked away from coalition talks.

There was only a brief statement and as yet no further explanation from either party was given.

Until then it had been assumed that these two parties would be the most likely to form the new government. However, perhaps it was not as surprising as most commentators thought.

There were signs of disagreement in talks earlier during the day and it seemed likely that the DP party would look to extract a heavy price for their support knowing that the CTP had only one week left to form a coalition government.

Rumours flew around during the day that the junior DP party was pushing for two of the most senior ministries, that is the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Interior.

Currently, there are no written rules in relation to which party gets what in a coalition. However, the custom is that the senior party get the Finance Ministry and the junior one the Economy Ministry.

Nevertheless, the DP delegation was adamant that it wanted the Finance Ministry and was also refusing to budge on the Ministry of Interior allocation.

These two issues were unacceptable for the CTP party and the talks fell apart.

The leader of the CTP, Mr Yorgancioglu has issued a press statement this morning, saying his party’s steering committee would be meeting today and if they recommended that they should approach the UBP with a view to coalition, then he would follow the committee’s recommendations.

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