CTP representative hits out at terms of protocol

MP for the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and former Minister for the Interior and Labour Asim Akansoy, has strongly criticised the agreement signed between Turkey and the TRNC to establish a youth coordination office for the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Akansoy explained that the establishment of such an office would mean mediation in all aspects of life in the TRNC and argued that all policies of Turkey would reflect directly on the TRNC.

He added that the protocol regarding the coordination office had been sign in 2014 but it had never been implemented. Akansoy explained that the protocol which contains seven articles, envisages transferring all responsibilities and authorities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports to another state [meaning Turkey] and this is contrary to the constitution. He also added that the protocol is not related only to the fields of sports and education but its real aim is to bring the mainland Turkish way of life to the TRNC.

The signing of a protocol between a strong state, Turkey, and a weak and poor state, the TRNC, is a sensitive issue. It is very important to preserve the balance here so that existence in Cyprus, social identity and the organisational structure is not harmed but developed and safeguarded. (…). If no attention is paid to all this, all kinds of Turkey’s policies will reflect directly on the TRNC and this is unacceptable”, he said.

Noting also that the protocol contains “insufficient articles”, Akansoy stressed the need to be very careful, taking into account the policy that Turkey follows on youth and culture. “The characteristic of this protocol is that it proposes a different model. The proposed model is unacceptable to us and it is impossible to implement, not only from the political point of view but also socially and legally”, Akansoy further argued.

Expressing his strong dissatisfaction over the implementation of the protocol, he stressed the need to discuss the issue again in the Assembly Committee and called on all political parties in the TRNC to consider the serious repercussions of this matter.

Halkin Sesi

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