CTP-UBP coalition signed today

The CTP and UBP have signed a coalition agreement in parliament today. The Parliamentary General Council will convene for an extraordinary meeting tomorrow at 10am when the list of cabinet ministers will be read out to the Council.

Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeni Duzen’ has reported that there are factions in both parties which find the coalition unacceptable on the grounds that both parties’ principles are incompatible.

‘Star Kibris’ reports that representative of the Social Democracy Party (TDP) Mehmet Cakici expressed the view that aid from Turkey’s delegation should be given to the government through the ministries and reiterated that the real reason for the establishment of a CTP-UBP coalition government is the objection of Turkey’s aid delegation to a CTP-DP coalition.

In statements to Ada television, Cakici described Turkey’s aid delegation as “a shadow cabinet” and argued that the CTP “has committed suicide today” by cooperating with the UBP. He noted that Turkey’s aid delegation will not be questioning the decisions of the CTP-UBP coalition and that Turkey supports the establishment of this particular coalition.

Edited from Kibris Postasi, Yeni Duzen, Star Kibris 



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