CTP Votes Unanimously to Support Akinci

North Cyprus News - Tufan Erhurman - Leader of CTP - Addresses CTP Assembly
CTP Leader Tufan Erhurman Addresses Party Assembly

The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) held a general assembly yesterday and announced its unanimous support for Mustafa Akinci (Independent) who is in the second round of the presidential elections against Ersin Tatar (UBP).

The party issued a statement which indicated its full backing for a federal solution to the Cyprus problem. However, its tone was also conciliatory, reflecting its sense of division in Turkish Cypriot society regarding how to solve the Cyprus issue, to remove embargoes and improve its future prosperity.

The party made the following statement:

The CTP has expressed the need for dialogue, reconciliation and solution during the Presidential elections, and underlines the magnitude of the problems our people face at home and abroad, and emphasized that these problems can only be overcome with an integrated approach. For this reason, maximum effort has been made to reduce the tension that emerged in the first round of the election and to invite all parties to see reason.

“Before the second round of Presidential elections, which will be held on October 18, it is extremely important for us to reduce tensions and to create a discreet environment where our people can freely reflect their will at the ballot box, within the framework of our belief in democracy. In this context, we invite our people to embrace democracy and reflect their will at the ballot box, stating that all parties should refrain from any moves that disrupt the democratic process.

“Since its establishment, CTP has pursued a policy within the framework of bringing the existence, identity and culture of the Turkish Cypriot people to the future, ensuring their social and economic development and reaching a comprehensive solution on the federal basis of the Cyprus problem. The CTP, which has endeavoured to solve all the problems of our people, especially the Cyprus problem, through the method of dialogue on the basis of international law, accepts the policy of reaching a comprehensive solution on the federal basis of the Cyprus problem as one of the basic principles in its Regulation. The CTP, with its years of experience, is also aware that the will of the Turkish Cypriot people for a comprehensive solution constitutes the legitimate grounds for our people’s demand to open up to the world under the pre-solution conditions and to lift the restrictions they are subjected to in many areas.   

In this context, the CTP Party Council announced that among the two candidates who will compete in the Presidential second round elections to be held on October 18,  It has decided to support Mr Mustafa Akıncı .

“We wish the election results to be beneficial for our people, and we declare that we will continue our search for dialogue, reconciliation and solutions by integrating our people in order to overcome the great problems we face at home and abroad.”

Kibris Postasi

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