CTP Will Not Cooperate – Early Elections Predicted

North Cyprus News - PM Erhurman Resigns
[CTP Leader – Tufan Erhürman]
Wednesday, 11 May 2022 

As the leader of the main opposition party [CTP], I do not find it right to talk about the election three and a half months after the last election, but Mr. Sucuoğlu himself had already pronounced the early election while the first government was being formed“, Tufan Erhürman, Chairman of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) said, BRT reported.

Stressing that early elections are inevitable, Erhürman was critical of the manner in which the mandate to form a new government was handled after President Tatar handed the mandate to Ünal Üstel. Following which, both CTP and HP party leaders said that they would not meet with Üstel to discuss forming a new coalition government.

Erhürman said that the current situation was unlawful and in that case, any new government formed would not be legitimate.

The government should not be confused with parliament, and the problem of legitimacy stemmed from the government that was to be formed, not parliament, he said.

Erhürman said that this situation was not normal, adding “Of course, what happened will be left behind, but it will create a hole. Only the will of the people, that is, an early election, will fill the void that will be created“. 

Saying that his party will not meet with the National Unity Party (UBP) within the framework of attempts to form a new government, Erhürman emphasised that this should be perceived as a reaction to recent events, not as a personal or institutional one.

He underlined that the attitude of the CTP will be determined by the authorised party committees, and announced that the party executive had met and the Party Assembly meeting will be held at the beginning of the week.


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