Curbing Mobile Phone Use While Driving

Driving with mobile phone

The General Directorate of Police has stressed that the ban on using mobile phones while driving includes not only holding the phone to the ear for calls but also using speakerphone, headphones, or Bluetooth for calls, texting, watching something, and similar behaviours, Kibris Postasi reports.

The police pointed out that using a mobile phone while driving leads to drivers being unaware of about one-third of warning signs and signals on the road due to diverting their attention to phone activities or conversations, which in turn causes accidents.

In its written statement, the General Directorate of Police drew attention to the many traffic violations committed by drivers discovered during routine traffic inspections nationwide. It gave a reminder that minor violation checks were conducted between April 15th and 21st, aimed at preventing traffic offences and accidents, the results of which were shared with the public.

Additionally, the statement mentioned that besides the traffic inspections carried out nationwide by traffic teams affiliated with District Police Directorates between April 22 and 28, a special focus was placed on drivers’ use of mobile phones while driving. It was reported that 957 drivers were reported for using mobile phones while driving.

The police statement highlighted that in 2023, 12,322 drivers were reported for using mobile phones while driving, while in 2024 (from January 1 to April 28, 2024), 5,906 drivers were identified for the same offence. The statement emphasised that the fundamental basis of the phone ban is accident prevention.

The statement concluded by reminding that police traffic inspections will continue in all aspects and invited all drivers to contribute to accident prevention by complying with traffic rules.

Kibris Postasi

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