Customs director in intensive care

The latest cigarette smuggling case which has involved falsified shipping papers and the seizure of 66 million packets of cigarettes, has affected health the Famagusta Customs Director, Mustafa Cobanoglu who was taken to hospital suffering from a heart complaint

The recent case has now resulted in two ship’s captains being charged with smuggling and forging documentation. One has been released on bail and the other captain is in prison because he could not meet the bail terms.

Mr Cobanoglu (56) who has been following the case, suffered a heart attack during a crisis meeting about the smuggling. Mr Ersin Tatar who was also at the meeting, took him personally to Nicosia state hospital. Mr Cobanoglu was diagnosed with high blood pressure and moved to the intensive care ward.

Both ships involved, the ‘Flamengo’ and the ‘Sirena’, are under custody at Famagusta harbour; their captains are waiting for a court date.

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