Customs Office – no bribery here

The head of the Customs office, GUC-SEN trade union and the Chamber of Commerce have responded to a survey showing that customs is the most corrupt service in the TRNC.

They have taken exception to the survey showing that, in the public’s perception, Customs is riddled with bribery.

The 2013 TRNC Ratings survey had face to face interviews with 500 citizens. 63% felt that bribery was common practice and most felt that Customs was the worst culprit.

Mustafa Cobanoglu, head of the Customs office says that there is no bribery in his department.
He says that he has worked in every section of customs and has never come across any bribe taking. While there have been two investigations during his three year rule of the office, he points out that these did not come to any conclusion.

If there are any deficiencies, Mr Cobanoglu says that these arise because he is short of 120 staff and does not have modern computer systems installed.

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