Cut ties with Turkey: Onurer

Presidential candidate Mustafa Onurer of the Cyprus Socialist Party (KSP), has said that should he be elected, the people will stand on their own feet. He said that the first thing he would do for this country, is to terminate ties with “imperialists”.

He added that a state cannot be an independent if it does not have its own economy, army, police force, and fire services.

Saying that all the presidential candidates besides him are in favour of the continuation of the current status quo, which arose after 1974, Onurer pointed out that he opposes this status quo and stressed that he is the candidate who together with the people will resist that.

Asked to comment on the allegations that his political positions are close to those of Akinci, Onurer said that this is not true and explained: “Mr. Akinci does not support and cannot support the concept of democracy, sovereignty and the struggle against the imperialist capital. Akinci refers to the protection of the rights of occupying forces like all the others. Turkey has no rights in the north of the island or in the whole of the island”.

Also holding the view that the country is not administrated by the people but by Turkey, Onurer explained that this is one of the most important reasons for being a presidential candidate. He said that he would try to change the current structure with power which derives from the people and also will struggle in order to create a country which its people will be able to prevail.

Source Yeni Duzen

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