Cypriot fraudster asks to finish jail time in Cyprus

A Cypriot convicted for fraud in the UK, Michael Voudouris (47) has asked to be transferred from a Scottish prison where he is currently serving an 11 year jail sentence, to Cyprus to complete his sentence.

Voudouris fled to the TRNC in October 2012 after pleading guilty to a 12.6 million Euro (£10.3 million) tax fraud and being  released on bail. In May 2014, he was arrested by Turkish Cypriot police for alleged immigration offences and then handed over to British police. The TRNC has no extradition treaty with the Britain.

Wanted in the UK for laundering millions of pounds stolen by Glasgow computer firm Q-Tech Distribution in a series of VAT frauds, Voudouris hid the money in bank accounts in Cyprus, Greece and Switzerland.

According to the ‘Scottish Daily Record’ he said he had given up his fight to keep his £1.6 million mansion in Stirling, and believes that that decision will help seal a deal to return him to Cyprus. He has reportedly told friends it was part of a deal with prosecutors which would see him in Cyprus by the end of summer.

Voudouris’ family live in the TRNC but as there is no prisoner transfer treaty with the Turkish Cypriots, he would have to be transferred to the Nicosia central prisons.

The paper cited Crown authorities as saying no deal had been done but senior Scottish Prisons Service sources confirmed to them that a transfer request had been received. Inmates can request transfers abroad to be nearer their families but they are not always granted.

As Voudouris is a UK citizen, the SPS must confirm that the Cypriot authorities would accept him before putting the case to Scottish ministers, the paper noted.

Cyprus Mail, Scottish Daily Record

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