Cypriots asked how they would vote in a settlement referendum

A survey was carried out by the University of Liverpool asking how Cypriots would vote in the event of a referendum on the Cyprus settlement.

The survey which was supervised by Dr Colin Irwin and financed by the Interpeace organisation asked how Cypriots would vote in a referendum in the event that a solution was reached by the two leaders in Cyprus.

Results showed that 46% of Turkish Cypriot and 28% Greek Cypriots said that they would vote “yes”.

In addition 37% of Turkish Cypriots and 30% of Greek Cypriots stated that they would vote “no” while 17% of Turkish Cypriots and 42% Greek Cypriots stated that they are undecided.

Both sides consider the “confidence building measures” to be extremely important: 83% of Greek Cypriots and 86% of Turkish Cypriots. Asked what “confidence building measures” are considered to be the most important, 68% of the Greek Cypriots asked for the lighting illuminating the TRNC flag on the side of the Besparmak mountain to be switched off, while 74% of the Turkish Cypriots stated that this was not acceptable. However, both sides agreed that measures, like adopting a common time zone for both sides, will help towards establishing trust between the two sides.

The survey was conducted by the Noverna Analytics and Research for the Greek Cypriots with a sample of 800 persons between 3-11 of February 2017 and from Lipa Consultancy for the Turkish Cypriots between 30 March – 7 April using a sample of 1,200 people.

Yeni Duzen

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