Cyprob an issue of ‘invasion and occupation’: Kammenos

Turkey has responded to the Greek Defence Minister’s comments that the Cyprus problem remains a subject of “invasion and occupation” for the Greek government.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued the following press release on Saturday:

“The recent actions and statements of the Greek Minister of National Defence are unacceptable and raising the tensions in the Aegean. We invite the Greek Government to display common sense and to take these irresponsible actions under control as soon as possible.”

Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos (pictured above) had also described the presence of Turkey’s seismic vessel ‘Barbaros Hayreddin Pasa’ in South Cyprus’ EEZ as a “provocation”.

He went on to say that Greece had plans to conduct a joint drill with the Greek Cypriot administration, Israel and possibly Egypt in the coming months.

“It is clear that the continuation of these irresponsible actions will not serve any purpose other than increasing tensions in Turkish and Greek relations and in the Aegean. It is also obvious that this attitude will harm the efforts towards the improvement of bilateral relations between the two countries and the settlement of disputes in the Aegean”, the Turkish statement said.

In the statement Turkey also stressed that it is determined to protect her rights and interests in the Aegean “by taking measures within the framework of international law.”

Source World Bulletin

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