Cyprob: Misguided Diplomatic Pursuits

Fikri Toros - CTP
[Fikri Toros – CTP]
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s Special Representative for Cyprus, Maria Angela Holguin, has concluded her discussions and left the island, Kibris Postasi reports.

Meanwhile, the ongoing diplomatic initiatives led by Holguin are still being assessed.

According to Fikri Toros (CTP), coordinating the process becomes challenging as long as Cypriot leaders Ersin Tatar and Nikos Christodoulides remain in the picture.

Toros said, “The focus should have been on bringing these two separatist leaders onto a platform based on political equality and devising a new negotiation method under UN supervision“.

Quest For Common Ground is Misguided

In his remarks on a TV programme, Fikri Toros, a representative of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), stated:

The exploration of common ground was futile as long as Ersin Tatar and Nikos Christodoulides were present; rather, efforts should have been directed towards understanding how to motivate the parties to adhere to the agreed federal framework. The pursuit of common ground was already a mirage.

“The essential question is how to facilitate the alignment of these two separatist leaders on a basis of political parity and how to reach a resolution through a fresh approach to negotiations under the auspices of the UN, and this should have been the essence of the discussions led by UN Secretary-General’s Personal Representative for Cyprus, Maria Angela Holguin… Christodoulides’s reliance on Tatar is so pronounced that he is inclined to disregard Tatar entirely and opt for discussions with Turkey instead… The quest for common ground is a misguided endeavour. The primary concern lies in determining how to encourage progress…

“Circumstances Are Tragic”

“The invitation to the trilateral meeting should not be interpreted as a component of the negotiation process. It was strictly an informal exchange. The objective was for the involved parties to enhance mutual understanding and deliberate on the strategies and tools to shape the ongoing process.

“It was not part of any formal procedure.

“It’s confounding how Tatar, who rejects even this premise, anticipates the removal of isolations… These circumstances are all tragically ironic...”

Kibris Postasi

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