CyProb not main issue for TRNC exporters: survey shows

A survey was organised by the TRNC’s Chamber of Industry alongside two focus groups, and the Economic Development and Growth Enterprise (EDGE) to examine the subject of exports from the North during the last quarter of 2012. Its purpose was to find any weaknesses and register exporters and potential exporters opinions.

The results of the survey were announced at a press conference by the chairman of the chamber, Ali Cirali.

Mr Cirali said that companies that export from the North, do not regard the political situation as their biggest problem, which fact he noted as “interesting”. He continued that the major problem for exporters was the high cost of transportation.

He added that “the political situation in Cyprus is shown as the third problem by our members who conduct exports. The exporters consider the decrease of the transportation and input costs as more important than focusing on the Cyprus problem”.

He noted that according to the economic program signed between Turkey and the TRNC for the period 2013-15, the ratio of their exports to their imports was 6.9% in 2011 and added that the aim is to decrease this ratio to 6.4% in 2015. He explained that the program’s intention is not to increase exports, but to increase the value of the exports, as the target for 2015 is to reach 127 million dollars, compared to 2011, when they were valued at 120 million dollars.

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