Cyprus Airways closes its London office

After 40 years of operations, Cyprus Airways’ London office has closed down and its staff have been made redundant.

According to Greek Cypriot weekly ‘Parikiaki’, Noel Josephides, Chairman of AGTA in the United Kingdom, said: “Cyprus Airways used to dominate the British scene but the inability of the airline’s management to adapt to modern trading methods has seen it virtually disappear from the UK, which is still the main inbound market to the island.”

Last week at a press conference, the troubled airline’s Chairman Tony Antoniou said the economic situation of the company is “very good” and that the company could be optimistic about the future, despite having been being handed the very negative results of a customer satisfaction survey conducted between 17th February and 7th March 2014.

Antoniou said that past criticism of the airline had motivated the airline to “reverse the negative economic trend and enter into a growth path, which will bring the desired results.”


Famagusta Gazette

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