Cyprus Conference reconvenes today

Intensive negotiations on the basic elements of a Cyprus settlement will begin at Crans-Montana, Switzerland. ​​UN General-Secretary Antonio Guterres’ resolution of major issues in a package framework was accepted by the parties on Friday evening, and today the process will be shaped within this framework.

The first meeting is scheduled at 11am-noon (Cyprus time) at Table 1 and will be on the issues of security and guarantees and will be in the presence of the guarantor powers (Greece, Turkey and the UK) as well as the EU as an observer, Community representatives will continue talks at Table 2 on internal matters between noon and 1pm (Cyprus time).

North-Cyprus-News-Christodoulides-Anastasiades-MavroyianniOn the matter of guarantees, Turkey wants those to continue for the island and to see some Turkish troops remaining in the island, whereas the Greek Cypriots and Greece want the Turkish troops to leave Cyprus and to abolish guarantees.

Turkey’s request for the equal treatment of its nationals in line with Greeks living in Cyprus, as well as “internal differences”, such as the rotating presidency of federal state, territorial adjustments, and property arrangements, are all considered to be stumbling blocks.

The talks almost came to an impasse, until United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres arrived on Friday to head up the negotiations, managing to put the conference and its participants on track.

Participants at the conference were told to table their proposals before the Conference on Cyprus reconvenes today. The leaders of the two Cypriot communities, top level representatives of the guarantor powers (Turkey, Greece and Britain), and European Union representatives will discuss security and guarantees on the basis of these proposals.

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