Cyprus could adopt the ‘Taiwan model’: Bağış

The Taiwan model is a viable solution for Cyprus. Diplomatic capabilities and practical solutions are needed in Cyprus, former Minister of State for Turkey and former EU Minister Egemen Bağış writes.

Recalling that Turkey recently proposed opening its ports, airports and airspace to the Greek Cypriot side with a diplomatic arrangement called “the Taiwan model” in order to contribute to the reunification talks in Cyprus,Bağış said it was time to recognise both states in Cyprus.

In his article titled ‘Cyprus and the Taiwan Model’, Bağış stated that if we can put this proposal into a more detailed and serious template, it will be a step that will, at least, ease the current process on the island and that Turkey will be able to deal with southern Cyprus as a reciprocal partner. He said that countries could be trade-oriented.

The increase in trade and prosperity on the island will open up a lasting solution that will relieve both sides,” said

Bağış. “The offer does not entail concessions for the interests of Turkey, nor concessions from northern Cyprus.

Kibris Postasi

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