Cyprus divided for too long: Obama

The United States continues to support efforts under the auspices of the UN to reunify Cyprus as a bizonal, bicommunal federation, US President Barack Obama  said, adding that “the island’s division has gone on for far too long.”

Receiving the credentials of South Cyprus’ new Ambassador to the US Georgios Chacalli, Obama said “we recognise your hopes to end the division of Cyprus through a just and lasting settlement,” adding that “we firmly believe that a mutually acceptable settlement is in the best interests of the people of Cyprus, and we hope the parties will finally end the tragic division of the island.”

“The US stands ready to provide assistance that both sides would find useful to achieve a solution,” he added.

Presenting his credentials, Chacalli said President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades “remains fully committed to bringing a fresh approach and a new impetus to the efforts for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem,” adding that “the basis for this solution continues to rest with the UN Security Council Resolutions calling for the establishment of a bizonal, bicommunal federation with a single sovereignty, a single international personality, a single citizenship and with political equality as described therein.”

“Undoubtedly, however, as the occupying power, Turkey itself holds the key to any mutually acceptable solution, since this cannot be achieved without Turkey’s own sincere good will and constructive active involvement in the peace-making process, while fully respecting International Law and the European acquis communautaire,” he pointed out.

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