Cyprus Foundation Donates 1 Million TL to Nicosia State Hospital

North Cyprus News - Fire at Nicosia State Hospital
Fire at Nicosia State Hospital

The Kibris Vakiflar Foundation has begun a charity campaign by making a donation of one million TL to Dr. Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital in Nicosia.

Issuing a press statement in front of the hospital, Mustafa Gökmen, Chairman of the Board of Foundations Administration, said that the Foundations Administration held an extraordinary meeting after the fire that took place in Nicosia State Hospital on Friday and they decided to start a donation campaign at their meeting.

Gökmen said that they started the campaign by donating one million TL to the hospital, adding: “We have also donated five fully equipped ambulances to our hospital. The ambulances will be donated to our hospital within two days”.

On Friday, a fire broke out in the angiography department leading to the deaths of two male patients and the evacuation of 300 other patients.

It is thought that a short-circuit caused the fire.

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