Cyprus negotiations at an intensive stage

President Mustafa Akinci who met with a delegation from the Eastern Mediterranean University (DAU) said that they are working towards achieving a Cyprus settlement of which both communities will willingly approve and accept, adding at the same time that the solution will not be one sided.

Akinci said that they are currently involved in intensive negotiations aimed at achieving a settlement.

Stating that the solution would not be easy to achieve, Akinci said that both sides over the years had become entrenched in their positions.

He added that achieving convergences between the differing positions requires great effort, good will and mutual understanding. “We are trying with all our strength to achieve this”, Akinci stated, expressing the hope that they can agree on a model of which the Turkish Cypriot people will be willing to approve.

Pointing out that a solution will not be one sided, Akinci said that it will be impossible to achieve the goal of a federated settlement if one of the two sides does not approve of the agreement reached.

Underlining that conditions since 2004 may have changed as regards which way the Turkish Cypriot people will vote, Akinci said that the important thing is to achieve common ground. “As you would agree, this is not an easy thing to achieve but this is our intention and we hope that we shall succeed in doing this”, he added.

Bayrak TV

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