Cyprus negotiations intensify

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Kudret Özersay and Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis met on Wednesday for a 6 hour long meeting.

Özersay spoke to press after the meeting where he also shared information on the next steps. ‘Kibris Postasi’ reported.

According to the Turkish Cypriot negotiator the Turkish Cypriot side put forward two proposals on “regulations for transitional period” and “security and guarantees” while Greek Cypriot side put forward proposals on “citizenship”.

Noting that issues which are difficult to solve were discussed during Wednesday’s meeting Özersay said federal public administration was discussed in details.

Regarding the transitional period regulations Özersay said that despite the difference in understanding Turkish Cypriot side thinks the differences can be overcome.

“We want the new partnership to be formed as soon as Turkish Cypriot community and Greek Cypriot community says yes to the referendum. We are not keen on the transitional period” said Özersay adding that they proposed special committees to be formed in order to work on the formation of the federal institutions.

“We want the new partnership to be ready after the transitional period committee finalizes its work within 24 hours after the leaders agree on the solution. Other scenarios would mean uncertainty” said Özersay.


Greek Cypriot side put a proposal forward regarding citizenship said Özersay noting that Turkish Cypriot side was not pleased with this proposal.

“Citizenship issue is one of the most challenging issues but I believe it cab be solved.”

Security and guarantees

Noting that Turkish Cypriot side’s other proposals were on security and guarantees Özersay said “there is a wrong impression that we only discuss Guarantee and Alliance agreements under this heading. In reality many other issues are discussed under this heading, For example “how demilitarisation will take place after the solution?”, “will Cyprus be used as a base for international military operations” said Özersay.

Negotiators met yestertoday at 9.30 am in the buffer zone for a “special meeting” where they will focus on three agenda points.

According to the earlier remarks the during today’s meeting negotiators are expected to discuss the next steps, methodology and CBMs.

Each negotiator will be accompanied by two of their team members during the meeting whose format is said to be kept “narrow”.

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