Cyprus negotiators to visit South Africa this month

Turkish Cypriot negotiator, Kudret Ozersay (shown right) and the Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis (left) are scheduled to visit South Africa at the end of April. The visit results from initiatives made by the USA, Turkish daily ‘Milliyet’ reports.

According to the paper, it has been decided that the two negotiators should be trained in South Africa and be informed about how reconciliation has been achieved there.

The negotiators will hear the experiences and views of Roelof Petrus Meyer, who was a member of the white negotiating team in South Africa which had struggled to reach an agreement. Meyer was appointed as Minister by the late South African President Nelson Mandela.

Citing information from a diplomatic source, the paper writes that the UN might appoint Meyer as Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General for Cyprus. Until his retirement from politics in 2000, he played an important and often prominent role in South African politics. His positions included Deputy Minister of Law and Order and of Constitutional Development (1986 to 1991) and Minister of Defence, of Communication and of Constitutional Affairs (1991-1996).

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