Cyprus Rally to run through North Nicosia

For the first time in its history, the Cyprus Rally will run through North Nicosia and the buffer zone. The rally organisers have said it was a unique opportunity to bring people from both communities together, ‘Cyprus Mail’ reports

The head of the Cyprus Automobile Association (CAA) Antonis Michaelides said: “Sportsmanship could bring people, especially youngsters, together in their love for the rally. This event can tear down a wall of division and bring a message of reconciliation.”

He thanked all Turkish Cypriot rally fans who collaborated with him to “bring this event into fruition”.

The Cyprus Rally will take place between 19-21 September. The special stage will be a five kilometre course, starting from Nicosia and then north of the Green Line.

Asked if there had been any negative reactions towards the initiative, Michaelides said he had met with all parties and all competent authorities, and assured everyone that it would be to the benefit of the Cyprus Republic.

“They gave us their wholehearted support. We explained to them that the Nicosia Special Stage would be subject to all rules and regulations that other Special Stages are subject to and that CAA is sole organiser, judge and supervisor of the Cyprus Rally,” he said.

The Nicosia Special Stage will be broadcast live on CyBC. It will kick off with a ceremony in a specially arranged area in front of the finance ministry, on Friday 19th September.

A total of 44 Cypriot two-man crews will take part at the rally, 12 of which are Turkish Cypriot.

The Cyprus Rally is an International Automobile Federation (FIA) sanctioned event. The 2014 Cyprus Rally will include two rounds; the European Rally Championship (ERC) 9th round and the Middle-East Rally Championship (MERC) 5th round.

The rally will include 15 special stages, for a total of 774.34 km, according to the CAA.

Eurosport will also be covering the event with about one hour’s air time.

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