Cyprus settlement should become EU primary law

Member of the DP minority party in the coalition government Mustafa Arabacioglu, has said that if the agreements in a Cyprus settlement do not become EU primary law, then they will carry many risks. He added that after a settlement, the concepts of bi-zonality and bi-communality could diminish.

Arabacioglu asserted that the issue that the Greek Cypriot side will not be able to touch is Turkey’s active and effective guarantee. He further said that because it is an international agreement, the Greek Cypriots insistent that they do not want Turkey’s guarantees.

He further claimed that if there is any intention of a Cyprus settlement, then there should be timetable. He also alleged that “while the Greek Cypriot side says that they want solution, they want to spread their sovereignty to the north. Their biggest aim is to spread their sovereignty across the whole island”.

Arabacioglu also noted that one of the factors that influence bi-zonality is the property issue. He added that 20% of the Greek Cypriots, meaning around to forty thousand, will have the right to settle in the north. Then those people will have the right to vote at the European Parliament and at local elections, so in the end they will have the right to be citizens. He concluded by saying: “These are very significant issues”.


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