Cyprus talks have become a hobby: Denktaş

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Democratic Party (DP) Serdar Denktaş has argued that “the people have given up to relying on a Cyprus settlement”, adding that “in such an atmosphere the talks can only continue as a hobby, but you cannot come to a conclusion.

In a post on his personal Facebook account, Denktaş wrote:

“Sometimes foreign diplomats from abroad ask me how the Cyprus problem has not been solved for forty years now. A duty which has been imposed to the UN Secretary-General since 1964. Within the framework of this task, we are still trying to solve this problem in 2017. I explained this to them.

“The Greek Cypriots found out that the Turkish Cypriots, which were seen as a minority in the Constitution of 1960, were given more rights. They tried to take them back with force. The Turkish Cypriots said that ‘these are our rights’ and when they objected, the problem began. From then on, the years have passed and we are in 2017. Anastasiades, for the first time at presidential level, expressed clearly that ‘it is unacceptable for the minority to demand so much’. This is the problem. In such an environment the Cyprus talks can continue only as a hobby, however you will not be able to reach a solution.

All right, what do the Turkish Cypriots want? Actually, the answer to this is very clear now. There is absolutely no wish to become a province of Turkey or to become a patch on the Greek Cypriot side with minority rights.

Today especially, the basic argument of all the political parties represented in parliament is to shape in a better way for the administration of the TRNC. Our people have given up relying on a Cyprus settlement. Many young entrepreneurs make investments today in their own country, on the land they live without getting cold feet.

Beyond doubt, our motherland Turkey is our most important supporter and our door to the world. We continue to strengthen more as a country on the fields of education and agriculture as well as in the agricultural potential created by the water which has been transferred to North Cyprus.

Once more, I owe a debt of gratitude to our founder president (his father Rauf Denktaş) who left us his legacy, although he is remembered by some as ‘Mr No’”.

Demokrat Bakis

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