Cyprus Talks Must be Based on Equality

Turkish Cypriot former negotiators Ergun Olgun and Osman Ertug, issued a joint written statement on Thursday arguing that the Cyprus problem had fallen to the “lower tiers” of the Turkish Cypriot political parties’ programmes ahead of the general election to be held on Sunday 7 January, 2018.

They argued that justifiably, priority has been given to the internal problems faced by the electorate and added that the elections do not mean “ignoring the developments which concern the island of Cyprus and our future”.

Referring to the Cyprus problem, Ertug and Olgun said that any contact or discussion to be held with the Greek Cypriot side in the future should “have the attribute of carrying the equality principle to a practical and institutional level” and the negotiations should be held on the basis of the “equal status of the two founding states”.


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