Cyprus talks need a timetable

TRNC Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami has said that both sides should accept a timetable and arbitration in order to reach a solution to the Cyprus problem.

Speaking on television, Nami said that the world has understood that the Greek Cypriots are not sincere about finding a solution to the Cyprus problem and within this framework, the process of lifting embargoes on the Turkish Cypriots has started.

He said that he supported a second referendum on the Cyprus problem, arguing that “the arbitration of institutions such as the UN must be activated”.

Noting that “this issue must end“, Nami said: “When we say that ‘I want a timetable’, you cannot separate this from the arbitration. If you refer only to a timetable, the other side will think that you are working for the scenario ‘everyone to go his own way’ in the end of the process by using time”.

Nami said that they have asked the European Commissioner for Enlargement to continue his interest in Turkish Cypriot affairs and that they received positive replies on the halloumi-hellim cheese issue. He further added that their diplomatic efforts were fruitful on the registration of halloumi and if the Greek Cypriots maintain their stance that “I am the legitimate government and only organisations which I will appoint will be authorised”, there will be an impasse.

The Foreign Minister noted that they received a warm welcome during their visits to the Islamic Cooperation Organization (ICO), that ICO’s member states are annoyed by the Republic of [South] Cyprus’ cooperation with Israel. He added that Islamic countries are ready to share with the Turkish Cypriots their experience on the topic of hydrocarbons.

Diyalog TV

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