Cyprus territorial negotiations in Geneva to include maps

The two Cypriot community leaders are to meet in Geneva between 9th and 11th November and the thorny issue of territory will be the only topic at the negotiating table.

According to UN sources, it will be the first time that the leaders will use maps in their discussions on territory. As soon as the leaders return from Geneva, they will hold intensive meetings for a week. Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports that by the end of November or beginning of December, the multiparty conference will be on the agenda, where Turkey and Greece will also participate and the issue of guarantees will be discussed.

It is expected that prior to the meeting in Switzerland, the Turkish Cypriot side in particular, will seek Turkey’s support on the territory issue. It was reported that President Mustafa Akinci, during his visit to Istanbul last week, discussed the developments on the territory issue with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Cyprus Affairs Tugrul Turkes, during his visit to the TRNC this week, reiterated the AKP government’s trust regarding the negotiations, adding that they also eagerly support the Cyprus talks.

Although Greece and Turkey will not participate in the meeting in Switzerland, intense diplomatic traffic is continuing behind the scenes, in order to have strong support on the issues of territory and guarantees.


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