Cyprus – Two state solution

Foreign Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun, who has not been in the public eye lately, gave a press interview covering a range of policy issues.

His major announcement was that Cyprus was heading for a two state solution. He felt that there were a number of developments that were leading to that conclusion.

Mr Ozgurgun does not think that further negotiations will bring any benefits and that the favourite candidate to win the presidential elections in the South, Nikos Anastasiadis, will not be looking for a solution. He went on to say that, “ Mr Anastasiadis is one of the ‘old school’ and comes from the EOKA party. He will never accept a solution based on UN parameters. The Greek Cypriots now realise that Turkey will not be going away and will be reconciled to half an island, even under the Annan plan there was a federal partnership envisaged. It is obvious that the Greek Cypriots will not accept this”.

Responding to questions, Mr Ozgurgun said that the TRNC could exist as a separate state under the guidance of Turkey. He added that these two states were indivisible as they had common roots, culture, language and religion.

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