Cyprus Weather 7-9 C below Seasonal Norms

Cyprus-News-Snow-North-CyprusCold weather has arrived in Cyprus. Sunday was the coldest day experienced so far. The daytime temperature in Nicosia was 8 C yesterday. The night temperature in Nicosia fell to 0 C.

In Kyrenia it was 8C, Famagusta 9 C and in Dipkarpaz 7 C during the day. The night temperature in these regions is expected to be 3, 4 and 6 C respectively.

It is estimated that the daytime temperature in areas higher above sea level will be 4 C in Alevkayası, will be minus 3 C at night.

Temperatures 7-9 C below Seasonal Averages

The Met Office reported that a low pressure system is bringing in very cold and damp air mass. Seasonal temperatures will be 7 to 9 C below the seasonal norms.

Air temperatures are expected to rise gradually starting Tuesday.

Yeni Duzen

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