Day Two of Farmers’ Protest in Nicosia

Meat Producers protest in Nicosia
[Association’s President, Mustafa Naimoğulları speaks to press]
The Animal Producers and Breeders Association’s indefinite protest, which began yesterday in Nicosia, continues amid escalating tensions on its second day, Yeniduzen reports.

During the demonstration in front of the Prime Ministry, protesters used construction vehicles to demolish the gate. Six individuals, including the Association’s General Secretary Adil Onalt, were arrested. The Association’s President, Mustafa Naimoğulları, warned that if the detainees are not released, the protest will escalate, and they will demolish all walls surrounding the Prime Ministry building.

In a show of support, the Butchers Association and the Restaurateurs Association, despite their previous disagreements with the animal producers over imported meat decided to join the protest.

Throughout the demonstration, Prime Minister Ünal Üstel and Minister of Agriculture Hüseyin Çavuş Kelle were called upon to resign. The developments of the day are being closely followed by Yeniduzen.

Protesting farmers - tractors

Association President Calls on Unions and Public to Join in

Mustafa Naimoğulları called on all unions and the public to join the protest, saying, “We have broken the gates, next is the building. Our friends were arrested; no one can destroy us. We have lit the fire, everyone come here“.

Protesters called for the resignation of Prime Minister Ünal Üstel and Minister of Agriculture Hüseyin Çavuş Kelle.

There were tense moments between protesters and police. The entrance gate of the Prime Ministry was broken, and four people were arrested. Police intervened harshly with the protesters. Yesterday, the protestors also demolished the gates outside the Republican Assembly.

By 12.30 pm, representatives from the Butchers Association and the Restaurateurs Association arrived at the Prime Ministry to support the protest. Butchers Association President Raşit Şenkaya emphasized that they do not support the importation of of frozen meat, stating, “We do not support imported meat. If there is a need, we will decide. There can be no butchers without animal producers, and no animal producers without butchers“. Vice President Halil Akbıçak also expressed opposition to the government’s decision and voiced full support for the protest, urging the public to judge the government’s actions.

At 12.40 pm, police arrested six protesters, including General Secretary Adil Onalt, for breaking the gate in front of the Prime Ministry. President Naimoğulları declared that if those arrested are not freed, they will demolish all walls around the Prime Ministry.


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