Dead woman’s home robbed

Three youths were in court yesterday, accused of burgling the house of a woman who died recently.

The house owner, Aysel Saleh fell ill suddenly, one month ago and died, leaving the house unoccupied.

Orhan Kalatci (21), Ali Cebe (19) and Muhammet Demir (19) were all arrested by police along with a large collection of jewellery.

At Famagusta Court, police testified that the three burglars had entered the house on March 22nd. There, they stole various items of jewellery, including bracelets, rings and earrings.

The next day the three youths went to Iray Jewellery store in Nicosia and attempted to sell the items they had stolen. The store owner, who was suspicious of the youths, called the police and all three were arrested.

The three burglars have signed voluntary statements admitting to the thefts. They have been bound over for three days while police continue their investigations.

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