Deadlock in Cyprob talks can be overcome: Foreign diplomat

 A foreign diplomat, who serves in Nicosia, in an Embassy of a country which is “very close” to the Cyprus negotiations, has said that even though a deadlock or very serious disagreements seem to exist in the current negotiations, “these are not things which could not be overcome”, ‘Kibris’ Postasi’ reports.

The diplomatic source, who wished to remain anonymous, told the newspaper that relations between Turkey and the EU and the relations between Cyprus and the Partnership for Peace Organisation could have at least as much influence in the [solution] process as natural gas in the next round of talks.

“We are hopeful”, said the foreign diplomat describing as “very important” the visit which President Anastasiades is paying to Greece today. “It is expected to produce new developments, new views both regarding EU-Turkey relations and Cyprus-NATO relations”, he argued; expressing the view that if some chapters in Turkey’s accession negotiations with the EU are opened, the more active involvement of the EU in the Cyprus talks might be secured.

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