Deadlock could be solved in a few hours: Talat

Former Turkish Cypriot President, Mehmet Ali Talat has said that time has been wasted with “games of words” on the issue of the joint declaration and added that the meanings of words are important, but from now on we should seriously focus on finding a solution.

In statements in a television programme, Talat argued that the history of the Cyprus problem is full of these kinds of “word games” and alleged that President Anastasiades “is slowing down the beginning of the negotiations with the aim of satisfying his coalition partners who are distanced from a solution”.

The ex-president expressed the view that the deadlock on the joint declaration could be overcome within a couple of hours if, with determination and flexibility, both leaders would meet.

Talat added that was a mistaken view that Turkey holds the key to the solution of the Cyprus problem.

The solution could be achieved “with our will”, he declared. Turkey, he said, wants to solve the problem; the world does not blame Turkey for the Cyprus situation, Talat contended.

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