Debt is Main Worry for Turkish Cypriots

The Cyprus problem may be described as “the mother of all problems” in the country, but if the people were asked about the problems which most concerns them today, the Cyprus problem would not cross their mind, a report by Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris’ writes.

At this moment, the Cyprus problem is neither on the agenda of the Turkish Cypriots, nor on the agenda of those who govern the country or living in the country”, the paper writes, adding that no one believes any longer that the problems will be solved by waiting to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, which no one knows or can predict when it will end.

The Turkish Cypriots’ biggest problem is devaluation of the Turkish lira and they are expecting a solution to this problem, notes the paper, adding that the quality of life in the TRNC has fallen because of the inadequate salaries and the inability of the people to pay their debts, given the rising cost of living and the current economic climate.

Noting that it has not even taken into consideration the problems in the health, education and other sectors, the paper points out that price increases in many products began ahead of the elections.

Firstly the price of some fuels, bread and the tobacco increased, reports the paper, adding that the increases continued yesterday with the price of gas. Finally, it recalls a statement made by deputy prime minister, Serdar Denktas, who had said that if they held elections before the 2018 budget was announced, price increases would come one after the other. “What Denktas said started happening”, notes the paper.


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