Decision day for the TRNC

All three opposition party leaders have said that today they will be tabling a motion of ‘no confidence’ in the government.

Eight members of the rebel group within the UBP are also signing the petition, which will then have the required number of backers to ensure its success. Other members of the rebel group were not required to sign the petition as it should reach the total of 27 without them.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Kucuk said last night that the general assembly of the UBP party met last night and reached a number of decisions. It had decided to call members of the rebel group to the disciplinary committee and also gave Mr Kucuk the power to call an early election should the need arise.

Interior Minister Nazim Cavusoglu, a firm Kucuk supporter, said last night, that this was a coup attempt and called on fellow UBP members to stop their actions to bring down the government.

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