Decision to Return GC Property Not Unique

The decision by the IPC to permit Greek Cypriot Nicolas Skourides to return to his property in Kozanköy is not a new practice, Deputy Chairman of the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) Romans Mapolar has said.

He said that there were already eight standing decisions to permit former Greek Cypriot owners to reclaim their properties in the north.

The IPC Deputy Chairman was speaking about the commission’s decision to return and reinstate 78 year old Greek Cypriot Nicolas Skourides’ property in Kozanköy.

There has been some outcry since Skourides started building a house on his land.

Responding to questions, Mapolar said that one of these eight decisions was to return the property as and when a solution was found to the Cyprus Problem.

It has been decided that the remaining seven (properties) will be returned within a reasonable time frame”, he said.

The IPC Deputy Chairman noted that only a limited number of properties were being returned to their former owners and those decisions were after a detailed and thorough evaluation.

There have been eight cases where owners wanted the return of their property. Seven of the properties in question will be returned to their former owners within a reasonable time frame whilst one of the properties will be returned as and when a settlement is reached on the island”, he said.

Mapolar added that the property had not been granted to anyone, did not pose any security risks and had not been appropriated for public use.


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