Deep Purple concert a confidence building measure: NEU

The Deep Purple concert on 24th May forms part of the Near East University’s 25th anniversary celebrations and preparations are underway to accommodate the tens of thousands of fans who will be flocking to the concert.

The NEU says that it is building a park covering 220,000 square metres to hold the event. The stage will be 1250 sq. m. There are plans to erect a massive tent area and multiple food and drinks stands will be provided. 200 toilets will be built and thousands of trees including mature ones will be planted in the new park.

It added that the total cost of the university’s new park and the concert is approximately 3 million TL (approximately 972.000 Euros).

In answer to a question put but by Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris Postasi’ whether or not the Greek Cypriots had made any moves to stop the concert, NEU’s General Secretary, Murat Tuzunkan said:

“In the time where the peace negotiations are on-going and we are all hoping for a solution, a rock concert, which is not a political event should unite people. Music is a universal language and should not be considered as a threat to anything. We invite everyone to attend. The concert will be free to anyone coming from Cyprus. This concert can be considered as a confidence building measure and gesture that shows we can be united by the universal spirit of music.”

The university also announced that charter flights will be organised for anyone from the rest of the world if they wish to come to the concert. The Deep Purple band will fly to Cyprus on NEU’s private jet.

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