Deep Purple concert will go ahead on 24th May

Deep Purple concert to be held in the TRNC will go ahead, lead singer Ian Gillan has confirmed.

In an interview with Radio Napa broadcast Wednesday, lead singer Ian Gillan confirmed that the free public concert will go ahead despite all the brouhaha raised by the Greek Cypriots. However, he did confess to having reconsidered it, following all the complaints about the band’s decision to play in the North.

 “When you say did we thought about pulling out – of course we thought about it, but it was never ever a question I think of saying yes we will pull out,” Gillan told the Nathan Morley Programme.

Critics say the concert will validate the 1974 peacekeeping mission by Turkey, and the existence of the TRNC.

“I certainly do not want to get involved in one side or the other, it’s an historical disagreement and because of all this I have read a lot of the history, but I’m not going to comment on that,” Gillan said.

“We are musicians and hopefully music is an uplifting thing and so will act as a positive force, that’s all I hope for – I don’t wish to interfere in anyone’s affairs and I don’t wish also for any offence to be taken where none is intended.”

Thousands of people have taken to the internet in protest at the planned performance, with the official Deep Purple fan page becoming a hotbed of discussion on the controversial concert.

“I see hope always, I’m an optimist – I always see the reaching out of hands. In terms of the balance of whether it will do more harm than good, I don’t think it will,” he added.

The band will appear live in the TRNC at Near East Univeristy on May 24th, as part of the university’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

According to the organisers, the event will cost around 3 million TL.


Famagusta Gazette

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