Deep Purple resolved to perform in TRNC

Ian Gillan, front man for ‘Deep Purple’ the band scheduled to perform at the Near East University in Nicosia on 24th May has said that he is not taking sides.

Following the inevitable furore raised by the band’s decision to perform in the unrecognised TRNC, Ian posted a letter on his own website ‘Caramba!’

He says that the band has performed all over the world and he would not be taking sides in the Cyprus dispute. Ian explained that historically the band had always decided:

“To perform anywhere we are invited, regardless of local difficulties/conflict, wars, earthquakes, riots, typhoons, strikes, rebellions, gun-fire and so on.”

Ian concluded with: “And so it should be with Cyprus, across the divide. And may I add that our many previous visits to Turkey and Greece have been fabulous; I personally have friends in both countries.

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