Demand for land and property in TRNC increasing

Investors from Turkey are moving on to make secondary investments in the TRNC, increasing the demand for building plots and residences.

According to Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Vatan’, five-star hotels constructed in the north and the increased number of universities established, have affected the population living in the area. Higher numbers of Turkish students and workers have increased the demand for residences and university halls.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports that investors from Turkey are competing to invest in the TRNC and notes that their greatest demand is for building plots and residences. Members of wealthy Turkish families who come to North Cyprus from Turkey to study at the universities, are looking for villas and luxury apartments.

Speaking to ‘Havadis’, the chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Real Estate Agents Hasan Sungur, confirmed that there is great interest from Turkish investors; although he noted that these businessmen also continue to make important investments in Turkey.

Vatan, Havadis

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