Demo Held Outside RAF Akrotiri Air Base

Around 350 demonstrators gathered in front of the entrance gate of RAF Akrotiri air base on Sunday, to protest against the US-led airstrikes against suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria.

Leading the protest, which was comprised of a number of Communist organisations, Akis Poullos said they are demanding the closure of RAF Akrotiri, from where four British Tornado fighter jets were deployed to take part in the missile strike on Saturday.

Poullos said Sunday’s demonstration was also a message to the Cyprus government not to lend any assistance to “imperialist attacks” on Syria and to demand an end to the war in the country.

The UK, the former colonial ruler of Cyprus retained RAF Akrotiri and another military base on Cyprus after the island gained independence in 1960.

The [South] Cyprus government said it had been given no forewarning about Saturday’s airstrikes and was not involved in any way.

Assurances had been given by British Prime Minister Theresa May to President Anastasiades that Cyprus had not been endangered and that its citizens could feel secure.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says he hopes there is no need for additional strikes against Syria, but that Britain and its allies will consider further action if Syrian President Bashar Assad uses chemical weapons in the future.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Johnson said that the airstrikes were proportionate and showed “the world has said enough is enough.


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