Denktaş land deal is cancelled

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Serdar Denktaş responded to the criticism of nepotism regarding the handing over of land by the Turkish Military to the Ministry of Finance.

200 donums of land was to be signed over to the Deputy PM’s son Rauf, whose company intended to build a university on the plot in honour of his grandfather, the founding president Rauf Denktaş.

Denktaş said the land had been handed over with the proviso that it be used to build the university. However, after an outcry by the opposition and reported embarrassment of the major coalition party UBP, the deal is off.

North Cyprus News - Rauf Denktas JrOn his Facebook page, Rauf Denktaş Jr. lambasted opponents of the land deal accusing them of hypocrisy and electioneering.

We are a family that believes in this country, that the people have to stand on their own feet and have an independent state and pay for it”, he wrote.

Those who are opposing the university which would have commemorated his grandfather’s name, are the ones who also trying to rid the island of the army, he said.

“I don’t expect these people to understand why the army supported the creation of the university.

All these parties who argued against the university, exhibiting sensitivity towards what is ‘ethical’, should look in the mirror and then address the people,” he wrote.

Kibris Postasi, Havadis

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