Denktaş not convinced of any links between TRNC and attempted coup

Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş, has said that no one can convince him that there are any links between the attempted military coup in Turkey and the TRNC.

He recalled the Ergenekon case, when again, there were allegations of a connection with the TRNC.

Expressing the view that “we want to get involved in everything”, Denktaş commented also on statements made by PM Huseyin Ozgurgun that the FETO organisation has links with the TRNC and argued that what Ozgurgun meant is that all necessary measures are being taken and that investigations will be carried out, in order to clarify whether or not the FETO organisation is linked to the TRNC.

Regarding fears that the attempted coup will affect the TRNC economically, Denktaş added that it might also negatively affect the tourism sector, as well. He added that if this happens, then Turkey should provide them additional aid.

Referring to the three Turkish Cypriot cadets at the Military high school in Istanbul who are still in custody in Turkey, accused of alleged involvement in the military coup attempt, Denktaş said that it cannot be expected that they have will have privileged treatment because they are Cypriots. He added that he had learned that the investigations will be completed very soon.

Yeni Duzen

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