Denktaş says there was no choice over Ercan contract

Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş who had previously apologised for the poor handling of the Ercan Airport tender process has said that there was nothing else they could have done.

The contract with Tasyapi Construction came under scrutiny in  August 2013 over issues such as prohibiting the opening of another airport for the next 25 years.

Denktaş, who is also Minister of Economy, Tourism, Environment and Sport said that the reason they could not influence the process was because his party DP-UG was in a weakened position after the resignations.

“If the terminal company does not give approval at every step, it’s impossible for the project to go ahead”, he said adding that there were concerns regarding the trees that would be uprooted and replanted elsewhere. “It is not guaranteed if the uprooted trees can grow in their new location. There are different opinions on this”, said Denktaş.

Speaking to Vatan Mehmet of ‘Kıbrıs Postası’, Denktaş claimed that initially his party wanted to cancel the tender but that it was not possible after joining the coalition government.

“There was an agreement that the government would work on modifying the contract with the company who would run Ercan Airport, but after the resignations from DP-UG, our position was weakened and our influence was decreased”, said Denktaş.

Source Kibris Postasi

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