Denktas to resign as Deputy PM

Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktas has announced that he will be resigning his position as Deputy PM and as a Minister for Economy, Sports, Culture and Tourism. Someone else would be elected from his party to take over in the coming days after he hands in his resignation to the Prime Minister, he said.

He added that the United Forces section of the Democrat Party (DP) would be disbanded and would continue stronger under the DP umbrella.

Denktas said that they had formed the government with the aim of reform. They were, however, far from that now. He pointed to the social mess they had inherited from the previous government, the UBP.

Following the presidential elections, Denktas said that the public had made known its will via the amount of votes they had received.

He said the results reflected change and the public will was for change in this way.

Kibris Postasi

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