Dentas will support CTP if no agreement with reached with UBP

Serdar Denktas, leader of the Democratic Party-National Forces (DP-UG) speaking after a meeting of his party’s central committee, announced that they had decided to support the efforts by the National Unity Party (UBP) to establish a coalition government.

Stressing the need for the establishment of a long-term government in the TRNC, Denktas said that the party’s central committee has decided to give priority to carry out discussions with the UBP for the establishment of a new government and added that in case these yield no results, then his party would support the CTP.

Asked to comment on events, saying that the UBP had proposed to his party some certain ministries, Denktas said that he would not bargain about the ministries and added that his priority is the solving the country’s problems.

Referring to the Cyprus negotiations, Denktas said that they have no doubts about President Mustafa Akinci’s good intentions and goodwill at the talks. “We have no doubts about Akinci’s goodwill. The ones which we do not trust due to its insincerity is the Greek Cypriot side”, Denktas said.


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