Denktash suggests round the island boat race

The Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktash, has re-iterated that the return of Varosha to the Greek Cypriots as part of confidence building measures is not an option. However, he has suggested that certain joint activities could contribute to that end; for example holding one leg of the European Rally Championship in North Cyprus or having an international yacht rally which visits all ports on the island.

He went on to say: “We must show that we could do something together. This must be the confidence building measures, not the return of Varosha. Joint activities should be organised. These could be sports activities, cultural activities, but we must do some things in which the international community will also be able to participate”.

Dentash elsewhere has said that the TRNC economy is not ready for union with the EU in the event of a solution. He added that “If we had launched a serious [EU accession] initiative when Turkey was signing a Customs Union agreement with the EU, we would not have been experiencing the difficulties we are today in exporting to any part of the world, including Turkey”, he argued and added that “this accession process should start separately with the Turkish Cypriots [while a solution is being negotiated,] so that confidence towards the EU can be re-established”.

As regards the Cyprus negotiations agenda, the deputy PM claimed that the convergences on the chapter of Economy should be discussed from scratch, because this chapter, he says is unbelievably full of elements which negatively affect the Turkish Cypriots.  “Mistakes exist in the other [chapters] as well, but this is very important, because it is something which concerns our future”, he alleged.

Denktas reiterated his view that “something is being cooked” outside Cyprus on the Cyprus problem and that pressure is being exerted on both sides by the USA, the EU, the UN, Turkey and Greece.

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